Elegant and Beautiful Cast Stone Mantels

Cast Limestone Creations manufactures and installs outstanding quality cast stone mantels and surrounds while upholding our dedication to affordable prices and exceptional quality.

Every cast stone mantel and fireplace surround is meticulously designed and cast by hand as specified by our client’s individual needs. Most choose from styles and colors displayed in the gallery below,  however, we are constantly creating new designs. If you don’t see a profile that fits your needs, let’s create one together. Our customization services are shockingly affordable too. Due to our unique onsite business model and manufacturing efficiency, we are able to deliver a vastly superior product at very competitive rates backed by an unsurpassed 3 year onsite warranty.

Cast Limestone Creations utilizes state of the art CAD (computer aided drawing) paired with computer controlled machinery to cut our molds and cores. Due to our unique mold making, we are able to easily modify mantel widths up to 8′ without a seam and can customize leg heights to specifically cater to your firebox & space requirements. Our prices vary based on customization, intricacy of profile and materials necessary to make the mantel. Due to this, we do not publish any pricing.

Our products are meticulously hand crafted in Metro Denver by our expert cast stone team using only 100% premium pure limestone aggregate. We do not dilute our limestone with plaster or gypsum, for this makes a huge difference in the structural integrity and product longevity. For the eco-friendly, our limestone aggregate is a reclaimed byproduct of the quarrying process and is 100% LEED qualified. Plus, with proprietary processes and techniques, we offer our products with many color options, unrivaled texture and finish like that of old world quarried Italian limestone.